#WWIII: Panic Storms Twitter Following The Death of Iranian General Soleimani By US Drone Strikes; Social Media Using Jokes And Memes To Calm Down A Possible 'Infinity War'

Internet users on social media are using memes and jokes to avoid the tension of a possible infinity war and a potential looming threat of world war 3 in the near future

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WWIII Trending: It’s not been too long since the beginning of the new year, 2020, a new decade, and also the deadly drone strikes carried out by the US in retaliation of the mob violence on the American embassy in Iran’s Baghdad, a few days back. By now, everyone knows that Iran’s top military leader and a future runner for the post of country’s President, General Qasem Soleimani is dead. He was killed during the recent US airstrikes, backed by President Donald Trump.

The moment Soleimani's death news spread across the globe like ‘wild wire’, internet users have been in shock and fear due to an invisible threat of a global, infinity war, which is now being termed as #WWIII, trending currently on Twitter. Hashtags such as #worldwar3 are being used by people who are either cracking jokes or coming up with hilarious memes to avoid the tension of an actual ‘wartime’, like World War 1 or World War 2, in the past.

Other social media persons are posting thoughts and messages to spread love and empathy for their family members, friends and lovers, in case the #WWIII endgame breaks out in the coming future.

The big reason for the ongoing tension on Twitter is because of the increasing conflicts between the big powerhouses of nuclear weapons, like the United States and North Korea, among a few others. Other nations that may get involved in the war are the UK, China, and Russia as well. Taking all these things into consideration, the internet users are losing their minds over a possible 'infinity war' kind of scenario.

Well, the one thing which is 'luckily and likely' not going to happen is: the finger snap and decimation at once!

Have a look at the memes and thoughts of social media users, reacting to a hypothetical #WWIII situation:

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