World Ozone Day: UN Environment Agency Announces Ozone On Track To Heal

World Ozone Day celebrated on September 16 to raise awareness and remind humankind of the importance of 'protective layer' ozone layer. This year's theme is '32 Years and Healing'.

The protective layer aka the ozone layer is a well-known science fact which is known to almost every human being on our planet. The extended research on the ozone layer was first done by Mario Molina, who also played a pivotal role in discovering the Antarctic ozone hole. He and Rowland coauthored about the role of CFCs as a threat to ozone in the stratosphere. In 1985, their study was supported by evidence of a long-term decrease in stratospheric ozone in Antarctica region. This work resulted in the adoption of the Montreal Protocol. 

Montreal Protocol came into force on September 16, 1989, by 57 countries at the UN. It remains the only UN treaty which is signed by every country on the Earth i.e. all 197 members of the UN. The world had got evidence of a blunder committed by developed countries and insight on the near future which didn't even exist as far as they decided against reversing the effects of ozone-depleting activities. Montreal Protocol banned the use of ODS(ozone-depleting substances). 

This year's theme is 32 Years and Healing which celebrates the efforts of three decades of the international community to protect the Ozone Layer. Montreal Protocol has phased out 99% of ozone-depleting chemicals in various devices like refrigerators, ACs, and other consumer products. The decision to celebrate World Ozone Day was taken in 2000 by the UN to commemorate the date of enforcement of the protocol.

Since the 1990s, the size of the hole in the Antarctic region has reduced progressively. Montreal Protocol has been dubbed as the world's most successful environmental agreement. As per the latest Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion, the ozone layer has recovered 1-3% every ten years since 2000. The UNEP has said that "Northern Hemisphere and mid-latitude ozone will heal completely by the 2030s." The South Hemisphere will be repaired by 2050 and polar regions in the following decade.

UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres said,"We must be careful not to neglect the ozone layer as we rightly focus our energies on tackling climate change." According to a tweet by UNEP "The Montreal Protocol has averted more than 135 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions going into the atmosphere from 1990-2010". UNEP is also hopeful of the estimates that show that the ozone layer will be restored to its stage of 1980 by the 2060s.

Last year, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reported the global concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is still steadily on the rise, with the obvious warming effects on the planet and ozone-teardown. Also according to a French study, the average temperature of Earth will be increased to 7-degree celsius towards the end of the century. 

Twitter was also full of responsibility emotion ridden tweets. Even Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee tweeted and urged people to work together to save the environment.


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