Wonder Woman 84 Official Poster Revealed! Gal Gadot Shines in Golden Suit

Warner Bros., on Wednesday, June 5th, 2019, came up with a big surprise for all DC fans, revealing the first official look of Gal Gadot from Wonder Woman 84, posing in a shiny, golden suit. Director Patty Jenkins is again helming the project, slated for a June 2020 release. She’s also the one who shared the film’s first look, on Wednesday, via her Twitter account.

Wonder Woman 84 is a sequel to 2017’s DC solo superhero movie by Warner Bros.

The first part was received very well by both critics and fans. It was a big box-office success for DC as well.

Coming to the recently revealed WW 84 poster, then it gives a very retro feel since the movie is set in the 80s. In her tweet, director Jenkins also wrote that the campaign for the upcoming film will begin in December this year—which also means that there will be no teaser/trailer dropping anytime sooner.

Well, talking again about the poster, then actress Gal Gadot aka Amazon’s Diana Princess aka our very own Wonder Woman is wearing the comic book-inspired suit, officially known as ‘Gold Armor’. It was featured in DC’s alternate-reality miniseries, ‘Kingdom Come’.

In the comic book storyline, this ‘Gold Armor’ was designed by Pallas, who was an Amazonian armorer. The suit has supernatural durability and great strength. One thing that the movie version of the suit lacks is that in comics, it also had wings, to allow Wonder Woman to fly.

In 2017’s first part, it was shown that Diana left Themyscira (Amazon) permanently. So it will be interesting to see how she gets this new golden suit in the next installment since it’s an ‘Amazonian Armor’.

All the other details about WW 84 will be out only when the movie eventually arrives on June 5, 2020. Till then, everyone has to wait, in anticipation.

Current rating: 4.5