‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Trailer For DC Movie Is Here And Princess Diana Is Killing It, Riding The Lightning; Reunites With Steve Trevor!

The DC movie and a 'first true sequel' stars actress Gal Gadot as Princess Diana along with Chris Pine returning as Steve Trevor from 2017’s ‘Wonder Woman’

Credits: Twitter handle for WonderWoman

The hype train has stopped now since the long wait of all the Princess Diana fans is over! Warner Bros. just revealed the surprise for everyone during the Brazil CCXP19 on Sunday, December 8, 2019. Well, the entire world witnessed it, apart from the audience present at the event, as it was also live-streamed via Twitter.

Yes! Trailer for DC’s ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ starring Gal Gadot, is out now and it has already taken the internet by storm, which was already expected due to the kind of response its teaser trailer received just a day ago when it was revealed during the CCXP in Brazil.

The daughter of Hippolyta is back in action in all her full glory, and this time she’s riding the lightning! Yes, director Patty Jenkins has taken the elements from the comics, quite smartly, showing the Amazonian warrior riding through the lightning in the sky. Her iconic lasso of truth and gauntlets can also be seen giving her an overall badass look, as she deflects a bullet in slow motion.

"My life hasn't been probably what you think it has," says Diana while interacting with Minerva. And then she is seen reuniting with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). Well, his comeback and the reason for it will also be explained in the film itself upon the release next year. The golden armor also makes an appearance—it was revealed earlier this year in the form of an official poster. Here, it is a full-fledged one!

Apart from the trailer, official character posters were also revealed for #WW84. Check them out below:

The timeline for the DC movie is set in 1984 where the protagonist aka Princess Diana, comes into conflict with the Soviet Union (present-day Russia).

Barbara Ann Minerva, played by actress Kristen Wiig, is also there in the full trailer clip. The character has eventually made a debut in the DC universe and it will be interesting to see how far her role goes in the upcoming films if the makers decide to bring her again. Although her alter-ego aka supervillain Cheetah hasn't been disclosed yet. Maybe it will be saved for another brand new clip in the coming months.

The cast of this DC superhero flick also includes Robin Wright as Antiope and The Mandalorian star, Pedro Pascal who’s playing Maxwell Lord, who seems to change the future of the world.

Two years ago, when Wonder Woman was released, and it was given enormous love by the audiences across the globe, and went onto become one of the highest-grossing films of 2017, taking in more than $800 million. It's also one of the best critically acclaimed films in the DC franchise so far.

Helmed by Patty Jenkins and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, Wonder Woman 1984 is releasing on June 5, 2020 worldwide. Music is composed by the one and only and legendary, Hans Zimmer.

Synopsis for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ reads:

The Princess of Thymescira and Amazonian warrior squares off against the Cheetah, a villainess who possesses superhuman strength and agility.

Source: WonderWoman Twitter

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