White Bengal Tiger, Odin, At Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Dies

Odin, a male white Bengal tiger at Six Flags of Discovery Kingdom, died on Monday, June 10, 2019. The news was confirmed by the park officials. He was 17. The beloved White Bengal tiger had been the center of people’s attraction for over a decade.

Known as for its amazing swimming and diving skills underwater he was less a white Bengal Tiger. People were drawn by these skills he showcased in Vallejo, CA.

According to the Six Flags page, his father was a standard orange tiger that happened to carry the white recessive gene.

Odin died because of acute pain due to chronic arthritis. Moreover, the condition had become unbearable for the white tiger, this is when the officials decided to humanely euthanize him.

“It’s very hard for me and very hard for the entire park,” said Lee Munro, the animal ambassador at the park who was Odin’s sidekick and helped raise him from when he was two weeks old. Unfortunately, the tiger died just one week before his 18th birthday.

Odin, the Bengal tiger Image Credit: i2.wp.com>

Odin was very popular among the visitors. Many pictures of the 440-pound tiger used to become viral across the internet, even when there were no Instagram and other latest social media apps. For the last 6-7 years, he had become everyone’s favorite.

According to the park ambassador Munro, “he was an icon for the park”.

Media agencies like AP, NYT,  sports magazine 'Sports Illustrated' and the most reputed animal and wildlife TV channel National Geographic had visited the park to cover Odin for their issues. Segments on him appeared on TV shows like Good Morning America and Telemundo.

In fact, Odin’s death news was first announced over on the official Facebook page of the park. And it generated more than 200 comments and around 300+ shares. The posts also had the white Bengal tiger’s photos from different years.

A few years ago, after he became a star at the park, the Discovery Kingdom kickstarted the Odin’s Temple of the Tiger, an exhibit for all the other tigers at the park as well.

One Facebook post by the park officials said that Odin’s spent his last years in the park in at most peaceful and relaxing. It said that his final years went by laying in the sun, taking long cat naps and enjoying his favorite leisure activity of cooling off in the pool.

Also present at the end of the post was a link called, The Fund for the Tiger provided,  for those who want to honor Odin.

Source: mercurynews.com

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