WATCH: Batwoman First Look Trailer Is Here And Ruby Rose Looks Promising As The New Caped Crusader

The first official trailer for The CW’s Batwoman has been dropped recently and it’s absolutely amazing to watch a new superhero rising in Gotham. And this time, it’s the turn of a female vigilante to save the day and fight new foes in the city. Actress Ruby Rose plays Kate Kane (cousin of Bruce Wayne, the one and only Batman) aka Batwoman in the upcoming TV show, scheduled to premiere very soon.

The trailer shows how Ruby Rose’s character, Kate, decides to take up the mantle of the titular caped crusader after the disappearance of Bruce Wayne, three years ago; since there’s no one to stop the goons and evil foes now.

When Kate goes into the Batcave of her cousin, she sees the Batsuit and asks Luke Fox (played by Camrus Johnson) to make it fit for her size—for a woman. And after donning the suit, she goes onto rescue Sophie Moore (played by Meagan Tandy), who is kept hostage by Red Alice’s (played by Rachel Skarsten) gang.

This may be the first look at Ruby Rose’s Batwoman suit but originally it debuted last year, during the crossover of Elseworlds.

When she was first announced as the next caped crusader (or the female Dark Knight), last year, Ruby said the following during an interview, regarding her role and playing the character of a superhero:

"I get to be Batwoman. I feel like the reason I kept getting so emotional was because growing up watching TV I never saw someone on TV that I could identify with, let alone a superhero. I've always had this saying, well not me, Oscar Wilde, which is 'be yourself because everyone else is taken' and so I always lived by that motto and the second motto when I came into the industry was 'be the person that you needed when you were younger' and I feel like one motto sort of led me to the other and I just kept crying about it."

Ruby Rose as Batwoman in a still from the trailer

Ruby Rose plays Batwoman in The CW show. Image Source: The CW

And yes, in the trailer itself, it is clearly shown that Kate’s Batwoman is a gay female superhero character. So things have been made pretty clear by the makers of the show.

Batwoman will premiere on Sunday this fall, on The CW channel.

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