US: Food and Drug Administration Detects Salmonella Bacteria in MDH Sambar Masala

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, in a recent case, there was a salmonella bacteria found in 'Sambar Masala' of Indian brand MDH. After the reports, the company withdrew around three lots of the product from the shelves.

The masala, produced by R Pure Agro Specialities and distributed by India’s House of Spices (HOS), was found positive for the said bacteria after the tests conducted by the FDA in a certified laboratory.

As per the statement provided by HOS, the product was being distributed in the retail stores of northern California.

It had also urged the consumers, last week, to return back the product to the stores for a full refund.

Talking about the salmonella bacteria then the food which gets contaminated with it, can cause a common bacterial foodborne illness, known as salmonellosis.
Its symptoms include diarrhoea, fever within three days, and abdominal cramps, when an individual eats a food infected with this bacteria.
Although in general cases, patients recover without needing medication, but several patients may end up getting hospitalized due to the severity of the illness.
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