The Mandalorian Review - Chapter 1 and 2: ‘Live-Action Star Wars’ Series Looks Solid

The latest Disney+ original is a promising show based on the adventures of a bounty hunter

A still from the Mandalorian (Image Credit: serial.everyeye.it)

Created By: Jon Favreau

Cast: Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog, Nick Nolte

Network: Disney+

ShowScore: 9/10

What a time to be alive! So many options to choose from. But an increase in quantity doesn’t always mean exceptional quality, right? However, seems like this isn’t the case when it comes to Disney, the current king of various media content, as far as the movies are concerned. And with Disney+, now being launched, the company seems to have struck the right chord with the viewers who love to stream great shows, every weekend.

The Mandalorian, a very highly hyped live-action Star Wars show, began to stream on the network since November 12. But the catch here is, that Disney showed smartness in releasing the episodes for the same. These days, all the episodes for any new series are revealed on the same day, so the die-hard binge-watchers don’t wait to end the entire season—they do it in just under 24 hours (most of the time).

But what’s different about the Mandalorian is that you get to enjoy the story, gradually, while also being connected as a subscriber to the streaming service—new episodes arrive on a weekly basis. That’s really a clever move by the company to keep the people engaged on its platform.

But the big question is: Does ‘The Mandalorian’ really live up to the hype?

Spoilers Ahead! Stop right now, if you haven't watched the show yet. Continue at your own risk.

Well, as of now only the first two chapters have been out. So this review will focus only on them.

The show stars Pedro Pascal as Mandalorian, a bounty hunter who kills for ‘nice and big’ payments. In the first chapter, he is introduced as a ‘no-nonsense-man’, while giving a glimpse (in brief flashbacks) of his past.

“I can bring you in warm. Or I can bring you in cold,” is what he says while doing his regular job in the very scene of the season.

Donning a helmet, which is like a tradition for any Mandalorian, he never reveals his real face. Initially, he seems to be void of any feelings but as the story progresses further in Chapter 2 “The Child”, you see his other side.

The show, which is said to take place after the events of the movie ‘Return of the Jedi’, is simple, straight, and to the point due to a fantastic, and adventurous plot which never lets you feel exhausted and bored. Another reason for this can be an unexpectedly short duration of the episodes.

Chapters 1 and 2 are a little over and under 30 minutes, each! That’s it.

But the actual thing is that the show is fantastically brilliant and looks solid, despite the fact that only two episodes are out, currently.

There are many things to love about The Mandalorian. It doesn’t deal with multiple characters being introduced as early as possible, like the majority of other shows. It is only going straight, with its main protagonist, currently.
After getting a new task, by his Client, of hunting down a tough, 50-year old bounty, he has to go through several small and big fights. But when he does finds the one he has to bring in dead, he changes his mind.
After all, how can someone kill a sweet, cute looking Baby Yoda? But it’s not the character we know from the past movies. It’s just that this child belongs to the species of Yoda. And what’s fascinating is that 'the baby' also possesses the ‘Force’, as you see him helping the Mandalorian during lethal combat with a Space Rhino, in the second chapter.
The character of Kuiil is going to be a key element in the entire show if he comes back later in the yet-to-be-released episodes. The Ugnaught (a species in the universe of Star Wars), who's a moisture farmer, helps the bounty hunter while also impressing with his ways of how he does that. "I have spoken", is what he generally says.
Speaking of action and intensity, then there’s a well-executed chase sequence when ‘Mando’ tries to take back the stolen parts of his spaceship, from the Javas (very suspicious creatures). And the fun part comes in when tiny Baby Yoda also follows him from behind, being in a levitating pod.
The show has a vibe, which gives you the feel of Star Wars but it also stands out on its own. And that’s inevitable, given that Jon Favreau is the creator. How can something go wrong?
Attention to details has been given properly and you can see it throughout the atmosphere that’s been created.
And then there’s the background score by Ludwig Göransson. The 'Black Panther' composer and Academy Award winner shines again with his genius music for The Mandalorian as well, while also giving out a different touch, from the decades-old Star Wars theme.
In the end, the show promises a lot to deliver and is on the right path as of now with the first two chapters. Anticipation will be really high for the upcoming episodes. The next one arrives on November 22, 2019; there will be eight in total. The last one will be released on December 27.
The Verdict:

Current rating: 5