The End: Fortnite Gone With A Big Bang, Leaving A Black Hole! Gamers Having No Idea About The Future Post Season 11 LIVE Event

The current look of the game's YouTube channel, showing a black hole. (Image Credit: express.co.uk)

In what can be called the most bizarre season-ending for a Battle Royale game, Epic Games’ highly popular multiplayer online game, Fortnite has gone down with a big bang. On Sunday, its season 11 event was being live-streamed on YouTube when more than 5.5 million viewers and the gamers across the globe watched the game’s interface suddenly being sucked into a black hole!

Well, that’s nothing new when it comes to Fortnite itself, as its season 10 had also ended in a similar fashion.

Season 11 event was called by the gamers as ‘The End’ which was rightly titled as well, following an unexpected shut down during the live event, which was also streamed on Amazon’s Twitch video-game platform. As of now, you can only see a permanent black hole on Fortnite’s YouTube channel, with a red ‘Exit’ button on the bottom right side.

Epic Games, the developer of the highly addictive Battle Royale game, has also gone dark on social media platforms. Also, it has deleted more than 12,000 tweets from the game’s official Twitter account.

Well, there were some funny moments as well regarding the game’s shocking end, as multi-billionaire tech visionary Elon Musk tried to give out a piece of fake news by retweeting it, in an attempt to tease the gamers.
"Elon Musk buys Fortnite and deletes it”, he wrote in his tweet.
However, a leaked Twitter account related to Fortnite has claimed that the shutdown, now being called ‘The End’, will last until Tuesday, October 15, 2019. Other reports are also saying that a 5.2GB update is available on the iOS for the game.
Speculations are hinting that after the blackout is lifted, the game will be having a reboot with new maps, new skins, and new boats.
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