‘The Crown’ Season 3 Has Arrived! Now Streaming on Netflix

The highly anticipated third season, starring a new cast, was released on Sunday, November 17

A still from The Crown season 3's promotional poster (Image Credit: 7news.com.au)

One of the most anticipated shows on Netflix, The Crown is back with its third season that premiered on November 17. The new season comes with a new cast, playing the roles of the previous members, including fan favorite, actress Claire Foy. New members in lead roles are Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham, and Tobias Menzies, who are playing Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, and Prince Philip respectively.

The makers have played a kind of gamble in replacing the old cast members with the new ones, in a way of rebooting the series. It may or may not work. But it looks like the fans will love this season just like they enjoyed the last two.

Coming back to the actors of The Crown season 3, then main lead, Olivia Colman has returned with a big project like this after her Oscar-winning performance in 2018’s The Favourite. In that film also, he played a monarch, Queen Anne.

Then there’s Helena Bonham Carter, playing Princess Margaret. In the show’s story, there will be a focus on her eight-year affair with Roddy Llewellyn.

Other actors namely, Emma Corn and Emerald are playing Camilla Parker-Bowles and Princess Diana—the first and second wives of Prince Charles, respectively. Speaking Prince Charles, then his role is played by Josh O’Connor, who’s portraying an adult version of the character.

Even though the old cast received an unprecedented amount of love, it’s now been replaced by new faces. And with the new members also, this trend will surely continue in season 5 and 6, as per the speculations coming in.
But the most important thing is that The Crown is still the same when it comes to an interesting story and brilliant performances.
You can start streaming the new season now on Netflix.
Current rating: 5