Terrorists storm 5-star hotel in Pakistan’s Gwadar, in Balochistan; one security guard killed

On Saturday, a 5-star hotel in Pakistan’s Balochistan was stormed by a group of terrorists, who forcefully entered inside, said a minister. Gunshots were heard outside the Peal Continental five star Hotel, which is located in the port city of Gwadar.

As per the reports by Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper, there are at least three to four terrorists inside, possessing the weapons.

So far, one security guard is said to be killed by the attackers, while they were trying to enter the hotel. The good thing is that all the 114 guests in the hotel were safely evacuated, before getting harmed in any way.

Station House Officer (SHO) Aslam Bangulzai told the Dawn newspaper, "At around 4:50 pm (local time) we got reports that there are three to four armed men in PC Hotel."

The responsibility for the attack has been taken by the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA). It’s an ethnic Baloch separatist group fighting for the independence for Balochistan province.

"Our fighters have carried out this attack on Chinese and other foreign investors who were staying in PC hotel," said Jihand Baloch, spokesperson for the militant group, in a statement emailed to Al Jazeera.

Gwadar city is an important part, in the province of Balochistan, which is rich for its resources. It’s also crucial for Pakistan as the development for its deepwater port was funded by China.

This latest act of terror, however, is not new this year, across the globe. Previously, two mosques in New Zealand and Churches in Sri Lanka were also attacked by a gunman and suicide bombers.

Terrorist attacks are surprisingly increasing this year, at a considerable rate, when compared to any other year. It’s really alarming for the nations, worldwide, as the security is being breached so easily, even if the place is a 5-star hotel, a Holy place like a Mosque or a Church. The level of security at these venues must be highly tight. But still, violent acts are taking place.

This is an inevitable issue and all the nations should treat this problem in the most effective manner as possible. And it must be done as soon as possible before its too late.

Source: Al Jazeera

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