Starbucks Issues An Apology After Barista Writes Customer’s Name ‘Isis’ Instead Of 'Aziz'

In a piece of bizarre news coming from Philadelphia, a 'Starbucks Coffee' outlet in the country had to issue an apology to a customer after the store’s barista wrote his name ‘Isis’ while taking the order.

The 40-year old man, whose name is Niquel Johnson, was reported to be considering a legal action against the coffee company. But later on, Starbucks issued the apology, over the mistake of its barista who wrote the name of the Islamic State.

The customer had used his Islamic name while ordering the coffee, which was Aziz, but after receiving the order he saw that it was written as ‘Isis’.

Starbucks Coffee outlet. (Image Credit: wsj.com)

Interesting thing is that Aziz told the media reporters that he had ordered coffee many times in the same store, but this time, on all his three orders, the name was labeled as that of the terrorist organization ‘ISIS’.

Seeing the label and the terror organization's word on his order made him ‘shocked and angry’, said the customer while interacting with the Washington Post. He also felt it was a kind of discrimination against him.

Meanwhile, Starbucks said in its statement to the Post, issued by its spokesman Reggie Borges, that they don’t believe it was a case of discrimination or profiling, either, after they made an investigation about the matter.

The statement further said that the customer approached the barista and provided his name, which was Aziz. However, the barista mistakenly spelled it incorrectly. And that they had connected with Mr. Johnson (the customer) and apologized for this regrettable mistake.

Source: The Guardian

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