Sri Lankan Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith Seeks ‘Genocide Investigation’ of UN On Coronavirus; Claims COVID-19 Is Man-Made Illness

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has claimed that COVID-19 is a man-made illness and allegedly made by a country

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has called on to the UN for 'genocide investigation' on Coronavirus. (Image Credit: tamilguardian.com)

Malcolm Ranjith, the head of Sri Lanka’s Catholic Church, has called on to the UN for a ‘genocide investigation’ into the case of Coronavirus, claiming that COVID-19 is a man-made illness. And that whoever is responsible for this global disease should be prosecuted.

Coronavirus is “the work of a rich and powerful nation,” he said. However, he didn’t name any specific country as a suspect.

He added that such viruses are the product of “unscrupulous aimless experimentation” and that this kind of experimentation must be stopped, which leads to the loss of life and causes pain and “suffering to humanity.”

Cardinal Ranjith is an ethnic Sinhalese archbishop and has been a supporter of Sinhala Buddhist figures and the Rajapaksa clan. Interestingly, in the past, he has constantly refused an international-level probe into the 'human genocide' of thousands of Tamil civilians by the military of Sri Lanka.

Moreover, he had also stated that the Catholic Church in his country didn’t accept the resolutions, at the UN Human Rights Council, regarding the accountability for the atrocities on civilians. According to him, these efforts “were an insult on the intelligence of the people of Sri Lanka”.

He had also denied all the allegations of war crimes carried out by the military of Sri Lanka, done to the US officials by the Tamil bishops in the past.

The spread of Covid 19 has sparked many conspiracy theories in the world and this claim by Cardinal Ranjith is a perfect example of that. So far, no one knows the exact origins and how the virus was created. But everyone is having an opinion and imagination about its spread and thus, different theories are common to emerge across the globe, either in a political manner or from the perspective of humanity.
In the last few days, China and US officials have also made allegations against each other for creating and spreading COVID-19 across the globe.

Source: tamilguardian.com

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