Spider-Man: Far From Home Review: Just The Way We Wanted; A Classy, Messed-Up Peter Parker!

Director: Jon Watts

Running Time: 2h 9m

Cast: Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders

Movie Score: 93%

*[0-50%-red (poor); 50-70%-yellow (average to good, better and promising); 70-90%-green (very good to great); 90-100%-blue (outstanding to perfect and a masterpiece)]


After Avengers: Endgame ended an entire saga, it was believed to be the ultimate, fitting end to phase 3. But hey, there was something else too, that the Marvel Studios had plans for. One last movie, which was going to act both as a closing page of the last phase, and an opening chapter for phase 4.

But more than that, there was also a bit of skepticism, on the part of how this last film will play out. Well, given the track record of all MCU installments so far, it was bound to be a great one, which, unsurprisingly it is.

Spider-Man is one character in the history of superheroes, who’s been a favorite of nearly any living person who’s known about comic stuff, in decades. When it comes to popularity, nothing can beat him. That’s why he’s been rebooted several times. But after Marvel Studios’ version of Tom Holland took on the role of Peter Parker, he’s made this character his own, since Captain America: Civil War, in 2016.

And Spider-Man: Far From Home proves this fact, again, once and for all!

Kudos to director Jon Watts, who’s helmed the sequel to 2017’s Homecoming (the first MCU-Sony project in a likely trilogy). He knew exactly what he had to deliver this time, and how to execute when it comes to story, pacing, and performances.

And starting with Tom Holland himself, then once again, he’s shown that no one can play a teenage version of Peter Parker better than him.

This time, a new villain is added, the Mysterio aka Quentin Beck, played by iconic actor Jake Gyllenhaal. And when it comes to his performance, he’s just nailed it! Though, since it’s the MCU version of the character, his story was slightly changed in this film, for the better. Because you can relate to him, given how extreme his emotions and angst are expressed by Gyllenhaal.

Peter Parker and Quentin Beck in a still from the film. (Image Credit: washingtonpost.com)

His chemistry with Peter generates a kind of strange, temporary bond, building between the two which ‘seems to’ fill the void after the demise of Tony Stark in Endgame. Although, in the second half, it’s actually revealed that Mysterio is, in fact, has other villainous objectives to fulfill—to become the new face of a great, and popular superhero, since the Avengers are nowhere to be seen, post-Iron Man’s death.

The biggest, but expected, part in the film was Mysterio cooking up a story of multi-verse, having been from a different Earth! But after things became clear, in the later part of the film, it was also clarified for all MCU fans that there will be no multi-verse theory going on forward in the next phase, which many believed was the next big thing.

All the scenes involving Peter and Mysterio feel engaging and spectacular, especially when the CGI-action comes into play. And this time, the action was just on-point. It was realistic, great looking, and breathtaking—brilliantly illusionistic too!

Apart from being a superhero movie, Far From Home is also a teenage romance-drama, which is known in the comics already. But after Sam Raimi’s trilogy that ended in 2007, there was a lack of a proper love angle for our Spidey guy.

Far From Home shows this aspect of Spider-Man who wants to hang out with his friends (who returned from death post the Endgame snap), and most importantly, share his feelings for Mitchell aka ‘MJ’ (played by Zendaya). And the film keeps this part going smoothly, where you can feel the urge of Peter to reveal his liking for her, but he’s not able to. Although, she eventually gets to know about it, and also, the fact that he is Spider-Man!

Peter’s friend from Homecoming, Ned, (played Jacob Batalon) also shines with his comic timing, along with another student Betty (Angourie Rice). Together they keep spreading the funny vibes throughout the film’s storyline when there’s a need.

And then there’s also the beloved S.H.I.E.L.D director, Nick Fury (finally alive after being dusted by the decimation in Infinity War), who has his own time supervising Peter on various missions—actually he never lets him enjoy his vacation, which is really sad for a teenager who’s still the youngest and newest Avenger. Maria Hill also shows up in the story who, along with Fury, keeps a track on Mysterio’s activities.

There’s a lot that keeps running in this movie, but the way it’s been handled is credible and deserves applause for Jon Watts.

The skepticism before this film’s release, was obvious, considering the various angles of action and teenage romance and many more things. However, it has turned out as a better sequel to its first part, two years ago. And when the makers are able to do that, it means that the franchise is also moving in the right direction.

Far From Home has turned out to be a classy Spider-Man film that we wanted to see on the big screen, straight from the comics. Also, it gives you those Sam Raimi vibes too—during the mid-credits scene, which is shocking, and satisfyingly amazing, that no one could even imagine! You’ll definitely stand up on your seat after watching it if you’ve watched Raimi’s trilogy.

The next phase is highly awaited by the die-hard MCU fans and it certainly looks like it will be huge, and the stakes will only get higher.

Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing and presented by Marvel Studios, the latest Spidey flick is running successfully in theaters.

Current rating: 5