Robert Pattinson’s THE BATMAN First Look Footage Revealed By MATT REEVES; Social Media Can’t Get Enough of “Battinson” And Arkham Vibes

The short clip titled “The Batman - Camera Test” is reminding everyone of Dark Knight’s costume from Arkham series of video games by Warner Bros, in the past; fans are already getting hyped to levels of insanity

Robert Pattinson as The Batman in a still from the clip shared by Matt Reeves (Image Credit: toofab.com)

Another iteration of the Dark Knight on the big screen is not far away from its release and now the hype train is getting some momentum. Just recently, director Matt Reeves shared the very first, exclusive footage of actor Robert Pattinson as The Batman, donning the iconic suit. While sharing the short clip on his Twitter profile, Reeves titled it “The Batman – Camera Test”.

Speaking of the fandom then they are all loving it. “Battinson” is surely killing it in that iconic suit, as the users are expressing their feelings online, within hours after the teaser clip was shared by director Reeves. Many die-hard lovers of the DC superhero are appreciating the design of the Bat-suit because it’s reminding them of the very famous and legendary costume of Bruce Wayne in Warner Bros’ series of Arkham video games, in the past.

Take a look at Batman’s look from Arkham titles and Robert Pattinson’s suit from the test footage. You will definitely spot some similarities.

Batman from Arkham games (top left), Robert Pattinson's look from the test footage (on the right and bottom)

Well, the social media is just going absolutely insane, with mostly positive reactions for the Pattinson’s look as Gotham’s hero. Several fans are, however, not liking it but majority of the people are impressed with the vision of Matt Reeves’ version of the Dark Knight and especially the costume design, which is making the comic book lovers think that the Bat symbol in the chest of the suit is actually made from the pieces of the gun that killed Bruce’s parents. That’s really dark if it turns out to be true eventually.
Have a look at what the users on Twitter are saying about The Batman and his exclusive look revealed on Friday, February 14, 2020.

The Batman will be releasing next year in the summer of  2021.
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