Remarkable Match Ends in Tie, England Emerges As The New ODI World Champions After Super Over

New Zealand and England cricket team ended up in a tie in a tussle to clinch the World Cup title for the very first time. Host England failed to pin the game in their favor initially but managed to drag and equal the score to Kiwis with help of Stokes and some luck of course.  

In yet another tale of fluctuating fortunes at the ICC World Cup, 2019 final in London cricket fans of the host country was in for a major disappointment until Stokes tried something a little bit more than we all anticipated.

Although New Zealand fatally attacked the opposite team to become the new champions of  ODI Format at Lord's ground on Sunday 14th July, England fought with equal might and made their way to victory with a super over.

England wins world cup. Beats newzealand in super over

New Zealand Batting:

Batting Fast pace bowlers from England boosted their bid to snatch the tournament as  Liam Plunkett's 3-wicket haul helped to restrict Kiwis at 241 Runs. Plunkett and Woakes attacked Kiwi batsmen bowling with perfect line and length, the score is shown below.

Fall of Wickets

29/1(M.Guptill, 6.2ov). 103/2(K Williamson, 22.4ov). 118/3(H Nicholls, 26.5ov). 141/4(R Taylor, 33.1ov). 173/5(J Neesham, 38.6ov). 219/6(C.de Grandhomee, 46.5ov). 232/7 (T Latham, 48.3 ov). 240/8 (M Henry, 49.3 ov)


EnglandvsNewzealand bowling

England Batting:

England's disciplined attack on New Zealand's modest total was initially threatened but the pressure got them going until Roy (17) gave in when the scoreboard showed 28/1. The game turned around as Kiwi bowlers took crucial wickets, Root (7 for 30 balls) 59/2 went down for a catch and soon England batsmen's exit came one after the other, Bair Stow (36 for 55 balls)  71/3, Liam Morgan' s(9 for 22 balls) 86/4 wickets proved very expensive for them. 

However, the anxious squad got some relief by Ben Stokes and Jose Butler's 50 run partnership scoring 138/4 for 34 overs. The duo piled up 196/5 with fours and sixes and partnered until 110  runs together when Butler 59 (60 Balls) skewed in the air and holed out to Southee leaving England fans disappointed. 

Even Woakes (2) walked away for 4 balls, with a score of 203/6 so did Plunkett  10(10 balls).

Miraculously Ben stokes skewed a six at 48.4 overs increasing the chances of winning with a score of 226/6. After JC Archer was bowled out (0) with 15 runs from 4 balls remaining a spectacular six from Stokes in a bid to chase the score gave a crucial edge to England.

Finally, with 3 runs from 2 balls, Adil Rashid (0) ran out of luck and Ben Stokes who didn't take the gamble in the last ball went for a single and managed a tie in the CWC 2019. 

England's score of 241 for 50 Overs ensured a super over for both the teams in finals, after which England managed a tie in the same and emerged as the World Champion of ODI Cricket for the very first time.

Super Over England vs NZL :

England: 15 runs,  BenStokes (8)3 and Butler 7(3) for 1 over  

NewZealand:  15 Runs, Neesham 13(5), Guptill 19(1), Run out, Jofra Archer

England wins The ICC World Cup 2019 Title and emerges as the New Champions of ODI Cricket Format.

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