PM Narendra Modi trolled heavily for his cave photographs and red carpet visit to Kedarnath

PM Modi is currently in news and there’s no denial in that fact. Election results are going to be declared soon and his party, BJP, is looking strong as per the exit polls. The Prime Minister himself, put a lot of hard work during the rallies for attracting the voters and almost everyone is calling out his name, for the next term also.

Well, these are political things, so it’s obvious.

But PM Modi is again in news at the moment. Not for any rally or a speech, or any statement, but his visit to Kedarnath on Saturday, May 18th, 2019, where he walked out on a red carpet, entering the temple, and also meditated in a cave too, being photographed.

He is currently being trolled heavily on social media, by the majority of people, after his pictures of meditating in cave and walking on a red carpet made their way on Twitter, on the day of his visit, via ANI.

People argued over his photographs, asking that why did he need photographers with him if he wanted to meditate, at all, in the cave. Indirectly the question was, whether it was it just for publicity and attracting the attention?

Each of his activity at and near the Kedarnath temple was posted by ANI on Twitter, like giving out constant updates of a big and very important event that it actually wasn’t.

Eventually, ANI also got trolled by the users as they called it PMO’s Press Officer and not a news channel.

As far as his red carpet picture is concerned, the users joked on it saying that PM Modi made his ‘Cannes entry’ in his own style. And more seriously, many of them argued why he had such a grand entry if he has himself admitted, repeatedly, in the past, that he lived a life of Sanyasi!

Before the Kedarnath temple visit, PM Modi also became a target for the trolls when he gave a statement about his own plan regarding Balakot Air Strikes carried out by the Indian Air Force on February 26th, 2019.

Few days ago, during an interview with News Nation, he told them that he was the one to suggest the Air Force for carrying out strikes despite clouds and rain that day, in the morning. Because, according to him, the clouds could help the Indian fighter planes in escaping the Pakistani radars.

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