PM Narendra Modi Movie Trailer Begins A New Riot Of Endless, Funny Twitter Memes

Since the time it’s been out online, the trailer for the upcoming biopic, PM Narendra Modi, has been making rounds on Twitter. The film stars actor Vivek Oberoi as the protagonist, aka Mr. Narendra Modi. But the moment the trailer was launched on Thursday midnight, there’s a flood of endless, funny memes going viral on the social media.

Some of the dialogues from the trailer are being turned into hilarious jokes online.

There are lines by Vivek’s character Modi who says, “Hum Hindustani nahi ban paye”, “Mein sanyasi banna chhahta hoon”, and “Haath kaat dungaa”.

The following memes are spreading like wildfire on the social media platform. Have a look at them and try to control your laughter, if you can, somehow.

Apart from Oberoi’s Narendra Modi dialogues, another cast member’s line from the movie, “Giraftaar karo unhe”, is becoming viral. The dialogue is spoken by an actress in the trailer, playing former PM, late Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

The film also stars Boman Irani (as Ratan Tata), Manoj Joshi (as Amit Shah), and actress Zarina Wahab (Modi’s mother). Other actors are Barkha Bisht, Darshan Rawal, Anjan Shrivastav, Rajendra Gupta, Yatin Karyekar, and Akshat R Saluja.

Actor Vivek Oberoi was also trolled previously when he shared the various looks of himself, as Narendra Modi, from the movie. Many users said that he didn’t even look an inch similar, to PM Modi, at all. Even after the prosthetics being applied, he wasn’t resembling the PM of India.

The movie was initially scheduled for a release on April 12 but due to the Lok Sabha elections commencing from April 11th, it’s been preponed now. The new date for the movie’s release is April 5, 2019. It is directed by Omung Kumar.

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