Perpignan: Thousands of Supporters Participate In Rally For Puigdemont, The Exiled Catalan Leader

Puigdemont fled Spain in October 2017, after he called a referendum on independence for Catalonia. It was considered illegal by the country’s courts. Since then, Spain is facing a severe political crisis.

Supporters of Puigdemont participate in the rally in Perpignan, on Saturday (Image Credit: gotechdaily.com)

Although Carles Puigdemont is living in exile, for a long time, in Belgium, he has been getting constant support of people voicing for a separate Catalonia. It was proved yet again on Saturday, February 29, 2020, when thousands of his supporters participated in a rally for Puigdemont who is currently wanted in Spain on the charges of sedition. He fled the country in October 2017, after he called a referendum on independence. It was considered illegal by the national courts. Since then, Spain is facing a severe political crisis.

In Perpignan, yesterday, around 70,000 people (as per the local police) were present, waving Catalan flags for him and for an independent Catalonia. Many of them had reached the venue after crossing Spanish borders.

Puigdemont, himself, was also present, cheering his followers. He urged them to stop at nothing and keep fighting for independence.

“We know that we won’t stop and they won’t stop us. We don’t have to wait for better times because they are here,” he said.

Carles is currently a Member of the European Parliament (MEM) under which he has got the immunity of protection from continuous extradition attempts by the government of Spain. Under the immunity, he can’t be detained in France.

Perpignan, where the rally was held, is a region where the Catalan language is spoken and it is a symbolic place for many Catalan supporting people. They call it Northern Catalonia.

Earlier this week, there were talks on this political issue, between the Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez and Catalan regional President Quim Torra; he was also about to attend the rally on Saturday.

Source: Reuters

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