People Are Not Exercising Social Distancing: Dr. Devi Shetty Warns About Covid 19; Claims Karnataka Alone Will Have 80,000 Positive Cases

The founder of Narayana Health said that after Janata Curfew, the behavior of people is back to normal, as most of them are careless about the virus and its looming threat

Dr. Devi Shetty has warned about a minimum of 80,000 positive cases in Karnataka alone. (Image credit: financialexpress.com)

“Government is doing whatever they can but the civil society is not responding the way they should,” said Dr. Devi Shetty on the careless and irresponsible behavior of the people in India, while warning about a bigger wave of Coronavirus infections in the country, in next few days.

Speaking on the situation of Bangalore, he said that “it’s a great disappointment”, mainly for the medical community because they won’t be able to handle, in future, the unprecedented amounts of cases, due to what’s going on right now.

In an interview with CNBC TV 18, the founder of Narayana Health and one of India’s topmost cardiac surgeons, Dr. Shetty said that after Janata Curfew, the behavior of people is again back to normal, as most of them are still careless about the virus and its looming threat.

“Even though the government has suspended public transport, closed all the shops, schools, people have a lot of time now and they are enjoying.”

Adding further, he said that it will put everyone in a very serious trouble.

“Because I can tell you we have done some calculations. Karnataka state alone will have a minimum of 80,000 positive patients.”

And that at least 20,000 infected individuals will require hospitalization. Plus another 2,500 patients will require ICU care. And 1,000 patients will need ventilator support for breathing.

“Believe me, it is a phenomenal number,” which won’t take one or two months to happen.

Giving the example of Italy, Dr. Shetty said:

From 300 patients to 10,000 patients, it increased in two weeks.

He warned about an upcoming alarming surge in the already increasing rate of Covid 19 cases in Karnataka, and also in the entire country.
“There will not be beds, there will not be ventilators.”
Concluding his remarks, he said that it’s not because the government has failed to do its job. In fact, they are doing everything possible.
“But people are not responding. There is no question of social distancing, nobody is staying at home. Everybody is out there celebrating.”

Source: cnbctv18.com

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