New Hidden Continent ‘Greater Adria’ Discovered Under Europe By Researchers

A long-lost continent in the Mediterranean was discovered by the researchers, which has been given the name of “Greater Adria”. Initially, it was part of North Africa but ultimately settled under Southern Europe, around 200 million years ago.

Image Credit: express.co.uk

The name for the continent was derived after the Adria region, which stretches from Turin to the Adriatic Sea. The spot connects Turin in Northern Italy with the heel of Italy's boot-shaped southern land.

"It is quite simply a geological mess: everything is curved, broken, and stacked,” said Utrecht professor Douwe van Hinsbergen, in a statement. He also added that when compared the Himalayas, the structure of the new continent is very complex.

"The Himalayas, for example, represent a rather simple system," he said.

Taking about the newly-found hidden continent, then it is mostly underwater. Although there are several parts that are visible, noted the researchers.

The model of Greater Adria was possible to be recreated with the help of 'GPlates' plate reconstruction software, which was used by Hinsbergen and his team. It gathered "thousands of pieces of information" through different inputs like fault lines and magnetism stored in rocks. And eventually, the final image was rendered by the software.
The research about this discovery was published earlier this month, in the scientific journal called "Gondwana Research".
After this new revelation about the geography of the planet, it is possible, now, that in future textbooks, students will be taught about eight continents in the world and not seven, that has been the case for many years.
There have been instances in the past, too, when a new set of information was provided by the scientists and the researchers, adding up to an already established fact or knowledge.

Source: foxnews.com

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