Netflix Officially Teases Stranger Things Season 4

The next time, it won’t be in Hawkins. Yes! Netflix just officially teased the next season of its most popular horror-adventure series, Stranger Things. In the latest new, but short clip, the logo of season 4 appears, after which a small description follows, saying, “We are not in Hawkins anymore”.

The very first Stranger Things 4 teaser simply gives an idea about the story which the die-hard fans will be able to guess partially. Because the third season had ended teasing a Russian plot. And now that it’s confirmed that we won’t be seeing anything from Hawkins, as it seems, a Russia-based storyline seems near final.

In other words, it can be said that all the main characters will be involved in events which will take place away from Hawkins.

The insane popularity of the series is incomparable at the moment and it has only grown since it first began streaming in 2016. The makers of the show have managed to keep the viewers hooked to Netflix because Stranger Things provides a different kind of experience to them when it comes to the genre of horror as well as teenage adventures.
Season 3 of the series which arrived earlier this year, in July, once again provided huge viewership records for the streaming service as most of the viewers, the ones who are subscribed and are the members, binge-watched all the episodes of the third season on the first day itself!
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