NASA Releases Pictures of Vikram Lander, Saying Chandrayaan 2 Had A Hard Landing On Moon

US Space agency NASA on Thursday, September 26, 2019, released several high-quality pictures of the landing site of Chandrayaan 2’s lander ‘Vikram’. However, it also said that the location of the lander cannot be tracked as of now.

Picture released by NASA (Image Credit: NASA Twitter handle)

A statement released by the agency said that ‘Vikram’ had hard-landed on the Moon and the precise location of the spacecraft, is yet to be determined.

The pictures released by NASA were captured by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) Quickmap fly-around.

The space agency also said that LROC took the high-resolution pictures on September 17, while passing over the landing site; it was dusk when the area was imaged.

It added that more clear lighting is expected of the site, when LROC passes over it, probably on October 14, for locating and imaging the lander.

Speaking of the lander, then it was intended to hit the lunar surface on September 6. It was India’s first attempt at a soft landing, of its spacecraft, on the Moon.
As per ISRO, the mission life of ‘Vikram’ and it's over ‘Pragyan’ will be one lunar day, that equals to 14 Earth days. It had attempted to launch Chandrayaan 2 previously in July, but due to technical issues, the mission could not be accomplished.
Later, when it was launched successfully in the space, the hopes were high for it to make an expected soft-landing on the lunar surface. And earlier this month, it almost did it but somehow the confirmation wasn’t made by the Indian agency due to the loss of communication just when the lander was about to hit the Moon.
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