Mysterious Mass Murder In Essex: 39 Bodies Found In A Truck Container, Police Starts Investigation

In a mysterious and heart-wrenching incident, a truck container in Essex was found on Wednesday morning, October 23, 2019, with 39 dead bodies inside. The investigation of this mass murder has already been started and the police believes that the container came from Belgium to England in the early morning.

A 25-year old Northern Irish individual has been taken into custody, on the suspicion of being the main suspect in the mass murder. He has been identified as Morris Robinson, by a local councilor, and was found with the bodies in the truck.

According to the statement given to the press, the Essex police told that they were called by the colleagues from the ambulance service early in the morning of Wednesday, at around 1:40 am, after the bodies were discovered in a lorry container.

The police also said that they are continuing with the investigation.

The lorry container in which 39 bodies were found. (Image Credit: cbsnews.com)

The process of identifying the victims has also begun. Deputy Chief Constable Pippa Mills, during the interaction with the reporters, told that recognizing all those who died is currently their “number one priority”.

The moment this news spread across the internet, higher authorities at the international level also took notice of it. Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General tweeted on his social media profile and said that the ones responsible for the tragedy “must be swiftly brought to justice”.

Source: essex.police.uk / Twitter

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