MCU Phase 4: Charlie Cox’s Daredevil Rumoured To Be in Spider-Man 3

Rumour has it that a famous Marvel lawyer will be showing up in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 starring Tom Holland

Charlie Cox's Daredevil rumoured to be in Spider-Man 3. (Image Credit: comicbook.com/screenrant.com)

Spider-Man 3 is still ‘far from release’ but fans are fans. They always seek for some clue or the other for coming up with various information and theories from the rumours they get online—to maintain the hype and anticipation.

And looks like the latest rumour has the potential to bring a big smile on the faces of die-hard Peter Parker lovers in the MCU—amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Want to know what’s that? Keep reading.

Famous movie scooper Jeremy Conrad aka ManaByte on Twitter has recently tweeted that Spider-Man 3, in Phase 4, will see a famous Marvel lawyer showing up in the third Tom Holland installment. Yes, Daredevil!

The actual thing is that the social media “leaker” from MCU Cosmic just tweeted about the famous filmmaker/actor Kevin Smith’s latest episode titled ‘Fatman Beyond’, in which Smith said this when being asked about Spider-Man 3 and Peter in need of having the services of a lawyer:

I heard another piece of good f**kn’ news. Did you hear that Spider-Man, the new Spider-Man movie, gonna have a lawyer in it?

On being asked whether it’s She-Hulk, he replied by saying “Charlie Cox”.

Matt Murdock is the one MCU is bringing and “that’s been the rumour online and they say that it’s like the one that like Marvel’s like, ‘god damn it how did that get out?’,” he said.

It will be so much exciting and shocking for all the fans if this really comes out as a legitimate and official announcement in the coming months. Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock aka Daredevil is a favourite among those viewers who watched him on the now-canceled Netflix series. After the acquisition of Fox by Disney, in 2019, everyone is expecting that Marvel will retain Charlie as Daredevil.

And if he makes a debut in the third Spider-Man film, then there’s no doubt about the huge success the movie will be getting. It will easily beat Far From Home’s box-office record.

Source: Jeremy Conrad aka ManaByte on Twitter

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