MCU News: Star Lord Actor Chris Pratt Teases His Appearance In ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

It was just announced more than a month ago, in July’s San Diego Comic-Con, that Thor will be continuing his journey in the future of the MCU, in the fourth phase as well, unlike Iron Man and Captain America. And after it became official, the train of rumors and speculations also started in no time.

Star-Lord may appear in Thor: Love and Thunder. (Image Credit: Twitter)

Everyone knows, for now, that the next movie starring the Asgardian God will be titled ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, and will feature actress Natalie Portman as female Thor, while actor Chris Hemsworth will also be there in the story, along with other regular members from Asgard.

But lately, it's being talked about that Guardians of the Galaxy star, actor Chris Pratt, who plays Star-Lord, will also be seen in the next Thor installment!

And as if the rumors weren’t enough, Pratt himself created a lot of buzz, recently, when he teased that he will be seen in a MCU movie before reprising his role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

And it seems possible also if Marvel Studios eventually decides to include him into the next Asgardian storyline. Because Thor 4’s release date is of 2021, while the details about GotG3 haven’t been revealed yet. Which implies that it will only be coming after Thor: Love and Thunder.

And that makes almost perfect sense when connecting the stories of both these two movies, through a post-credits scene. That means Chris Pratt might appear in Thor 4, and when that movie ends, an end credits scene may show him rejoining with his rest of the members.
However, it is all just speculation and assumption, as no official word has come out, yet, from Marvel Studios’ head Kevin Feige himself, on the role of Star-Lord in the next Thor film.

But most of the fans will be hoping to watch him with Thor, again, as the two have shared great, fun-filled chemistry in the past two Avengers flicks, namely Infinity War and Endgame.

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