MCU News: Marvel Studios Starts Work On Deadpool 3!

The rumor mill has come up with yet another mind-blowing news for the MCU lovers. Last week, actor Ryan Reynolds revealed about his visit to the office of Marvel Studios for a meeting, and now it’s being speculated that 'work on Deadpool 3' has already been started!

HNEntertainment recently reported that Disney has filed for a limited liability corporation, which has been submitted for an upcoming production. And the name under which it’s been filed is ‘Fingers Crossed Productions LLC’. Although no details are known as of now about the project itself, the rumors suggest that it’s obviously Deadpool 3 movie.

Another speculation is that Marvel Studios is also planning to make the movie a crossover, by including characters like Nick Fury or Spider-Man himself, or even the new Captain America!

Still, all of this can be taken only with a pinch of salt as no official confirmation has been given from the makers themselves.

After the announcement of Phase 4 in July, at the San Diego Comic-Con, fans are impatiently excited to see Deadpool in the MCU as soon as Phase 5. And because the announcement about it is still to be made public, the followers of the franchise are sure that the mutant character’s first film in the cinematic universe will be coming in that phase.

Things are looking really bright and adventurous for the new chapter in the MCU considering movies like Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2, Spider-Man 3, Shang Chi, Blade, and of course Ant-Man 3. Fantastic Four and X-Men will also be arriving, but after some time—maybe in Phase 6.

Source: HNEntertainment

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