Marvel Studios Wraps Production on ‘Helstrom’ Season 1!

The Helstrom TV series is speculated to arrive on Hulu instead of Disney Plus, in the future

Marvel Studios wraps production on Helstrom season 1. (image credit: dreadcentral.com)

Coming as a piece of surprising news for most of the comic book fans and Marvel followers, on Monday, Marvel Studios has just wrapped production on season 1 of its upcoming TV series Helstrom.

The news on Helstrom was recently revealed by YouTube channel ComicBookCast2, in a video.

The Marvel series was first heard of during Kevin Feige’s taking over of the post of the head on all Marvel content, including TV shows as well, in 2019. That time, work on its three episodes was already going on. Despite canceling all other shows that were in the pre-production stage, Feige moved ahead with Helstrom.

Still, post-production work on the TV show is yet to get completed in the coming months. No other detail has been out on as of now. But the TV series is speculated to arrive on Hulu instead of Disney Plus, in the future.

Helstrom is based on the characters Daimon and Satana Hellstrom.

Another thing is that the news of a season 1 production getting finished also hints at a probable renewal as well. Will there be a season 2 also?

There’s not much about it, but in the coming future its surely going to get some attention. Currently, that’s not the case.

Talking about Marvel Studios again, then it’s also having a tough time due to the present coronavirus crisis prevailing in the world. And it’s also because the pandemic has badly affected all the theatrical releases which were about to arrive, starting from March.

MCU’s first phase 4 film, Black Widow has already been delayed and fans are left dejected. Plus, staying in quarantine is making many people bored due to not having any opportunity to enjoy a new Marvel movie, either in May. Because all the releases have been canceled or postponed now, in the wake of the greater impact made by Covid 19.

Black Widow's new release date hasn't been announced yet.

Source: comicbookcast2/YouTube

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