Joker Box-Office: Warner Bros. And DC Having A Great Time With The Joaquin Phoenix Movie As It Nears $750 MN Worldwide

DC seems to be having a great time, again after Aquaman last year, with the latest Joker movie starring the stupendous Joaquin Phoenix in the title role of the most loved supervillain in the comics. Although it’s an origin story and a very unusual take from director Todd Phillips when it comes to presenting the very personal and disturbing tale of Arthur Fleck, the audiences across the globe are enjoying it very much. And it’s been proved by the fact that the film has now reached very near to $750 million worldwide.

The movie which was released earlier this month in the United States and other countries has so far received mixed and polarizing responses from many critics. While most of them are praising the film for its gruesome presentation of the character and how Joaquin has done justice to Joker, others are calling it a dangerous film, especially for those affected with mental illness and also for the general public as well.

A still from the film (Image Credit: movieweb.com)

The latest DC movie, distributed by Warner Bros, shows its main character Arthur Fleck as a person affected with a rare mental illness who later goes on to commit violent acts and ignores his medication, once he starts involving himself in crimes.

Meanwhile, the movie is gradually becoming a huge hit in international markets and proving the old conventions wrong about what makes a film a box-office blockbuster. Aquaman is currently the biggest ever DC flick with approximately $1.148 billion. Joker has amassed nearly $738 million as of now.

Despite its low budget and not having over the top action sequences, it has attracted the moviegoers in a different way, thanks to Joaquin’s awesome and spectacular portrayal of  'a hopeless man in a hopeless society', who goes on to lose his innocence and becomes the cause of chaos and sort of a violent revolution in the city of Gotham.
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