Joker 2 Will Happen For Sure, It’s Not Started Yet Though

The possibility of a sequel was inevitable after Joaquin Phoenix starrer, DC’s Joker recently crossed $1 billion at the worldwide box-office

Joker 2 is not happening currently (Image Credit: bbc.com)

Joker 2: It was hard to not expect and imagine it to not happen. And recently there were ‘presumptuous’ confirmed reports of a sequel. But as per the latest updates, Warner Bros is not yet in talks with director Todd Phillips for the next part with Joaquin Phoenix. Joker is the DC movie that unsettled every theory and calculations about what it takes to become a box-office blockbuster. With its immensely irresistible, unconventional appeal and stupendous performance by the lead actor himself, it also pulled off an unbelievable feat at the worldwide box-office by earning more than $1 billion!

Talking about Joker 2, then just recently the news came out, from THR (The Hollywood Reporter), that the sequel is in development and Todd will be coming back to helm the project, as well as co-write the screenplay along with Scott Silver. The website made it look like almost a surety, calling it in their article headline as 'Exclusive'; and suddenly, for a few hours, all the fans were more than happy.

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But then another website, Deadline, came with its own report, saying that the previously made claim was not true at all. And that although there’s been a meeting between WB and director Phillips, it wasn't about the sequel to the character of Arthur Fleck.

Well, 'Deadline' didn’t rule out the possibility of a Joker 2 in near future, it just wrote that the sequel is not happening as of now and that the claim made by THR is “flat false”, while also being just a “Clickbait”.

Currently, DC’s R-rated flick is running more than successfully in theaters overseas. Speaking of its box-office run, then it has now gone beyond $1.02 billion (at the time of writing this article—credits: Forbes).
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