JeM Head Masood Azhar Secretly Released By Pakistan, Suspected To Be Planning Big Action In Jammu And Kashmir

UN listed terrorist and JeM head Masood Azhar is secretly released by Pakistan. He was under custody but now is Suspected to be planning some big actions in Jammu and Kashmir region to cause unrest.

In May, India achieved an international diplomatic win when China took a step back from its technical barrier and the UN declared Masood Azhar as an international terrorist. This was considered as a step ahead in the fight against sheltered-terrorism. But all this went vain this week when Intelligence Bureau's intel information came into light that Masood Azhar is released without any fuzz by Pakistan.

JeM leader Masood was last reportedly seen at his JeM headquarters at Markaz Subhanallah, located at Bhawalpur, Punjab. This is the same place where he was born and brought up. Pakistan had put Masood under preventive custody and limited his activities after JeM took responsibility of Pulwama attack which attracted enough international criticism of Pakistan's efforts in keeping terrorist activities in check.

JeM or Jaish-e-Mohammad is the outfit which is responsible for all serious terror attacks in India like 2001 Parliament Attack, 2008 Mumbai Attacks, 2016 Pathankot Attack, and this year's Pulwama Attack. These attacks have left a deep cut in India's history and minds of Indians.

According to the Intelligence Bureau, his release is done on the expectations that he would be able to create disturbances in the Kashmir region. It has become Pakistan's priority since India's abrogation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan was left alone on an international platform and has faced serious allegations of being breeding ground of terrorism. Even the JeM headquarters at Markaz Subhanallah is supposed to be a big structure fancied with all modern facilities and the centre of all activities of JeM.

According to the reports, the attack sensitive areas are Sialkot-Jammu and Rajasthan. The input has been conveyed to BSF of respective areas and is ready to face any surprise Pakistani attack. On Saturday, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval had reported to the media that around 230 terrorists were reported near the border areas and Pakistan was trying to create trouble.

Indian Navy had recently released a warning about the underwater wing of JeM trying to breach into Indian waters and launch an underwater attack. Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Karambir Singh said that all the stakeholders in coastal security are ensuring that there is no intrusion from sea. He confirmed the reports that JeM is trying to attack from water and said that the military is 'fully prepared' and 'will thwart any such attempt'.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has added the name of Masood Azhar in the recently passed UAPA(Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) bill which labels individuals as a terrorist and put restrictions on them. He will be treated as terrorist under Indian law.

The release timing is crucial as this week UN Human Rights body is set to hold its session and the UN General Assembly will commence its session from this month's end. The upcoming meeting with FAFT(Financial Action Task Force) is also important as Pakistan officials have reached Bangkok. Pakistan is facing the risk of being blacklisted for being incompliant in its terror preventing actions.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan will use the UN General Assembly as an opportunity to once again bring up the issue of Kashmir and in the cause of any terrorist attack in Kashmir region, Pakistan would cry foul about the human rights violation in Kashmir valley by India. Meanwhile, India is in talks with 47 countries to tackle Pakistan in the UN's human rights council. 

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