It’s Officially Sealed Now! Disney Has Laid Claim On All Fox Entertainment Assets, $71BN Deal Signed

As it was bound to happen sooner than later, Disney now officially owns Rupert Murdoch’s Fox studios and all its entertainment properties; and it implies that Cinderella, The Simpsons, and Star Wars are under one roof, and in the control of a single ownership.

The entire acquisition of the $71 billion deal took place on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019.

And after this deal, Disney owns all the Fox movies, TV studios, FX networks, National Geographic, and India’s TV giant, Star India too!

Since Disney’s also going to launch its own streaming service, called Disney Plus, later this year, things look very exciting from here on. It will be directly challenging the currently popular service Netflix in terms of online viewers.

Also, for all the MCU fans, Disney can now make its own movies or shows based on the X-Men or Deadpool or the Fantastic Four characters. Not to mention they will all be coming under Marvel Studios’ MCU.

Giving his statement on the completion of deal, Robert Iger, the chairman and CEO of Walt Disney Company expressed his excitement.

 “This is an extraordinary and historic moment for us – one that will create significant long-term value for our company and our shareholders," he said.

“Combining Disney’s and 21st Century Fox’s wealth of creative content and proven talent creates the pre-eminent global entertainment company, well-positioned to lead in an incredibly dynamic and transformative era,” Iger further added.

Previously, there were the ‘Big Six’ studios known for distributing some of the most iconic films of all-time. But now, only ‘Big Five’ remain after Fox’s acquisition by Disney. Thus, after Disney, the other five are Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, and Universal.

After taking over Fox, Disney has also doubled its 30% stakes in the streaming service Hulu that, too, is now under its control.

Get ready for some huge announcements also in the coming months regarding new Marvel movies under the MCU, about X-Men and other famous comic book characters. They’ll be all under one single entity now.

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