It’s Official Now! Christian Bale Is The Villain In THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER, Confirms Tessa Thompson

The actress revealed the news in a recent interaction with Entertainment Tonight's reporter in which she officially confirmed that Bale will be there in the fourth Thor movie, part of the MCU Phase 4

Christian Bale will be the villain in Thor: Love and Thunder. (Image Credit: herefordtimes.com)

The highly hyped-up rumor has come out to be true indeed. It’s official now. The Dark Knight star and brilliant actor Christian Bale is the part of the MCU and will be playing the villain in Thor: Love and Thunder, actress Tessa Thompson just confirmed it recently.

On Thursday, during an interaction with Entertainment Tonight’s reporter, at the red carpet premiere of Westworld, in Los Angeles, the Thor: Ragnarok actress mentioned that Bale is in Thor’s fourth installment and will be portraying a negative character. But who he will be playing, is yet to be announced by the Marvel Studios in the upcoming months.

Here’s the video of Tessa Thompson revealing about the Dark Knight trilogy’s celebrated ‘Batman actor’ being the part of Marvel family with ‘Love and Thunder’:

Since the last year’s end, the rumor was heavily doing the rounds on the internet about Bale’s link to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, courtesy his meetings with the Marvel Studios. But for a long time, there was no confirmation on his entry into the MCU, until now.

It will be very interesting now to watch the former DC-superhero-playing-actor become an intergalactic villain in Thor 4. A new rumor train has also begun now, for guessing exactly which Marvel villain he will be portraying in the movie, during his debut in the cinematic universe, in the Phase 4 film.

Thor: Love and Thunder, to be helmed, again, by Taika Waititi, will be releasing next year, on November 5, 2021.
Hold on all your anticipation levels for the time being, if you can. You can also imagine Chris Hemsworth’s Thor fighting with Bale’s villain in a grand action sequence.
The future of the MCU is looking big and more than exciting than it has been in the last 12 years since the inception of the superhero franchise—or the Infinity Saga, officially.

Source: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube

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