Israel Under Attack: Around 450 Rockets Fired From Ghaza Strip

The attacks came after Israeli airstrikes targeted and killed senior Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza Bahaa Abu el-Atta.

Over 200 rockets have been fired from Ghaza to Israel

The official twitter handle of Israel's defense forces gave a series of tweets since Tuesday explaining each and every position that Israel was facing and the situation it is in now.

Although ceasefire was declared by the Islamic Jihad at 6 a.m. in the morning, 48 hours after the deadly rocket firing at Israel, five rockets were launched from the coastal enclave, with two of them intercepted, the army said.

The Islamic Jihad had launched over 450 rockets at Israel following the killing of one of its leaders by the Israeli forces.

Baha Abu al-Ata, the leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine (PIJ) was said to have been behind many recent attacks on Israel. He was killed in an aerial strike on his apartment alongside his wife on Tuesday. Twenty-two more Palestinians, including one Islamic Jihad field commander, were killed and at least 69 were wounded in Israeli airstrikes conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Israeli government said the killing of al-Ata was recommended by Israel’s military and intelligence chiefs, and was approved by the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Prime Minister’s office said: “He was responsible for many terrorist attacks and the firing of rockets at the State of Israel in recent months and had intended to carry out imminent attacks.”

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