Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu Fails To Win By Majority

Contesting to form a government by a huge majority in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu failed to do so, as he ended up almost on equal scores with his rival and former military chief Benny Gantz.

image credit: images.jpost.com

Also known by the name of ‘King Bibi’ by his supporters, Mr. Netanyahu was previously in power for almost a decade. But now he has been dethroned, as it can be seen clearly after the election results on Wednesday, September 18, 2019. Still, it’s very early to say that.

The Israeli media reported that nearly 90% votes were recorded in the country in the elections on Tuesday.

While Netanyahu was contesting from his Likud party, his rival Gantz was fighting from Blue and White party.
Following the elections’ conclusion, a spokesman from Likud party said that the leaders of the right-wing factions met Netanyahu, on September 18, at the PM’s office, and they pledged to work with him to form the next government.
Earlier on Wednesday, ‘King Bibi’ gave a speech to his supporters at around 3:30 am, in which he said that he would make a "Zionist government" in the country without Arab parties that could lend support to Gantz.
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