Iranian Women Sharing Pictures and Videos Without Wearing Headscarves Will Now Face 10 Years In Prison

In a shocking move, Iran has now threatened the women in the country of facing 10 years in prison if they share their pictures or videos online, without wearing headscarves.

The rule states that the Iranian women will be now facing the punishment for posting videos or images, online, and also for sending them to Masih Alinejad. She is the founder of “White Wednesdays” campaign, opposing the ‘hijab’, which is mandatory in the country.

The campaign was launched to motivate and inspire women in Iran to post their pictures without ‘hijab’ and headscarves.

According to Fars News, a semi-official agency, the head of Tehran Revolutionary Court, Mousa Ghazanfarabadi, has announced that those (women) who film themselves or others while removing the 'hijab' and send pictures to this woman (Masih Alinejad), will be sentenced between 1 and 10 years in prison.

Women in Iran removing 'hijab'. (Image Credit: static.independent.co.uk)

Iranian rule states that it is compulsory for women in the country to wear the Islamic headscarf. And the ones who violate this rule will face up to two months in prison, along with a fine of £20.

Several women had been arrested for removing their ‘hijab’ and headscarves for posting images and videos online, under the “White Wednesdays” campaign.

Last year too, a woman named Shaparak Shajarizadeh was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison and 18 years probation for removing her headscarf during a protest. She had also waved a 'white flag of peace' in the street.

This year has seen a mixed bag of rules and laws for and against women across the globe. Earlier this year, Alabama in the United States prohibited the act of abortion of women, and also made it illegal for anyone to commit the crime of helping a woman to abort a child.

On the other hand, in India, just a day ago, the government made it illegal to perform the practice of ‘Triple Talaq’ (instant divorce) in the country, giving the women hope for justice. The government of BJP passed the Triple Talaq Bill in Parliament, on Tuesday, July 30, 2019, which will soon be implemented as a full-fledged law.
But now, this latest rule in Iran, regarding hijab and headscarves is again going to inflate the debates and discussions among the intellects and those who support the traditions and customs.
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