Informal BRICS Summit Held On The Side Lines Of G20

An informal meeting of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) took place on the side lines of G20 summit in Osaka.

PM Modi raised the issue of terrorism with full strength.

“ Terrorism is the biggest threat to humanity. It not only kills innocents but also severely effects the economic development and social stability”, he said.

In his remarks, Modi spoke about strengthening the WTO, fighting protectionism ensuring energy security and the need to work together to fight terrorism "Today, I will focus on the three major challenges. First is the instability and downfall in the global economy. Unilateralism and competitiveness are overshadowing the rule-based multilateral global trade systems "Deficiency of resources, there is a shortfall of almost $1.3 trillion investment in the infrastructure,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi also congratulated Jail Bolsonaro and Cyril Ramaphosa Prime Minister of Brazil and President of South Africa respectively and welcomed them to the BRICS family.

The other issues to be discussed in the  meeting were  to make development sustainable and all inclusive. Secondly to find the solution to the fast changing technology in the digital era and climate change.



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