India Has to get ready for a Tsunami of Cases Amidst Janata Curfew? 300 million could be affected ...

With the Corona curfew or Janata curfew announced by PM Modi who spoke addressing the nation Indians are quite skeptical but they seemed to have agreed to self-isolate. But what seems worrisome is a statement made by a virologist in the US.

PM Modi In this speech, on Thursday 20 March, said that the next 15 days are crucial.

Virologist talks about tsunami of corona cases

Union Ministers and many people from the elite community are also doing their bit by appealing to listen to what Narendra Modi said and make this drive against Corona successful. However, in between the appealing and accepting Indians should dread the new statement made in an interview taken by BBC South Asia Bureaux Chief from Nicola Careem.

According to Ramanan Laxminarayan, a Washington based Virologist at least 300 million people in India could be infected from Coronavirus.

Speaking on the lack of ICU beds," Number of ICU beds in the country is 70-100k," India has just weeks to prepare for a 'tsunami of cases,' he warns.

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