How’s The Movie: Despite The Return of Linda Hamilton, Terminator Dark Fate Receives Mixed Response

A still from the TDF poster (Image Credit: looper.com)

How’s The Movie: Terminator series has always been one of the most favorite ones among many movie franchises in cinema history. When James Cameron introduced to the world a new world of how AI-based machines can dominate the fate of the humankind, everyone was spellbound in the 80s. And then with T2, in 1991, a masterpiece was crafted by the filmmaker, yet again, and actress Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor became a household name and an icon of inspiration for many women as well.

Three decades later, in 2019, Terminator Dark Fate is here, acting as a direct sequel to Judgment Day, overall third, while also marking the return of Linda Hamilton, who’s now become a ‘terminator hunter’. Arnold Schwarzenegger, as T-800, also teams up with her, thus giving the audience a joy to watch them sharing the screen together after 28 years!

Two new characters have also been introduced in this sequel, actress Mackenzie Davis as Grace (from Blade Runner 2049) and Natalia Reyes as Dani.

But the fate of any film always becomes clear only after its release and depends on the reactions it gets from critics and fans. Talking about Terminator: Dark Fate in that way, it becomes a different scenario altogether.

The latest installment in the series is currently getting a mixed response from the moviegoers and also the critics. Directed by Tim Miller and co-produced by James Cameron himself, the story, despite several good performances from the cast and action sequences, is failing to deliver on what the die-hard followers of Terminator franchise had hoped for.
Post its worldwide release, on Friday, November 1, 2019, 'TDF' has met with mixed reactions on social media as well.
First, have a look at the ones being positive and favorable for the movie.

Now, here are the responses, mostly negative and being not-so-good.

Despite the mixed response, 'TDF' is still going to earn a decent amount at the box-office in the coming weeks, across the globe. Because there are also fans who go into theaters just to have a great time, watching high voltage action scenes, and witness solid performances.
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