How The Misadventure Of Kashmir Came To An End Explained

The Special Status of the State Jammu and Kashmir gained by it from article 370 clause 370(2) and 370(3) comes to an end on 5th August 2019. Home Minister Amit Shah also presented the Jammu Kashmir reorganization Bill and got it passed by the Rajya Sabha with 125 votes in favor and 61 against it.

Indian constitution came into life on 26th January 2019 and with it on 11th October 1949, Article 370 was added giving special status to the state of Jammu & Kashmir. This article was in part 21 of the constitution and had three clauses. The first clause gave the power to add any law from the Indian Constitution after the nod from the State Vidhan Sabha stands still. The other two clauses of the article are repealed that gave the State of Jammu and Kashmir its special status.

These clauses were removed by the president of India on the recommendation of the council of ministers which represented the legislative assembly of the Jammu and Kashmir as it stands dissolved. This news came with the gazette of India which is stated below:

This step is being appreciated by the nation as finally, the state of Jammu and Kashmir will have one flag, one constitution, and one law. This change in constitution came under strict vigilance, the whole Kashmir was put under curfew with around 30,000 extra troops deployed all the prominent political leaders on house arrest and as we know Hurriyat is behind the bars months prior to the historic decision. IPC 144 was imposed throughout Jammu. The net and phone services have been put on a halt to curb fake news and rumors.

Amit Shah informed the people of India about the orders issued by President in the Rajya Sabha, on  5th August morning. After this, to everyone’s surprise, came the Jammu and Kashmir reorganization bill. This was a surprise move by the government as Amit Shah got captured by a photographer as he stepped out of his car in the parliament.


This bill stated that Jammu and Kashmir will be divided into Ladakh as one union territory and  Jammu and Kashmir as one union territory. The union territory of Jammu and Kashmir will have an assembly like the one in Delhi but the power of police will be with the new position of Lieutenant Governor in Jammu and Kashmir. The Ladakh region will now consist of Kargil and Drass too.

Now since the special status of Jammu and Kashmir is gone and it will be now governed by the center so we can hope that the development that has been untouched by the region will flourish like the other states of India. Although the government has assured that it will give Jammu and Kashmir the powers of a full-fledged State as the situation returns to normal.  
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