Historic! New Zealand Passes Zero Carbon Bill In Parliament

In a historic move, the Prime Minister of the country, Jacinda Ardern, on Thursday, November 7, 2019, passed the Zero Carbon Bill in the parliament, aiming to make New Zealand absolutely free of carbon by 2050. The step comes amid the ongoing climate change crisis that the world is going through. There have been talks and global summits about saving the planet from pollution and lethal emission of carbon but until now no country has come up with such a hopeful action for saving the future.

But New Zealand has done it, even if the bill that's been passed is not a completely perfect solution; it will surely pave the way for other nations to follow a similar route as well.

While passing the Zero Carbon Bill in the parliament on Thursday, PM Ardern said, in her powerful speech, “We have to start moving beyond targets. We have to start moving beyond aspiration. We have to start moving beyond statements of hope and deliver signs of action, and that is what this government is doing and proudly so.”

She said that the government has committed itself to 1.5 degree target that “we are embedding in legislation, not just because of the statements of Paris Agreement, but because this is what is required if we are to show our pacific neighbours that we understand the impacts above 1.5 degrees will have on them, it is real.”

Credit: The Independent

Following this move, the political leaders in New Zealand and also the news reporters hailed the newly passed bill and said that it will be helpful for the future generations in the country.
Every renowned leader in the nation is also praising the historic decision made by the current government.

It is probably the right time for the rest of the countries, too, to take a pragmatic approach to global warming and climate change as it’s becoming too late, each month, every new year. Governments of other nations across the globe must bring aggressive and effective amendments about reducing the carbon emission as much as possible; to pave the way for using alternatives.
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