He’s Not Leaving! Spider-Man Is Back In The MCU After Disney Strikes Up A Deal With Sony

Hold on, Hold on, Hold on everyone! This is to inform all the MCU lovers out there, that the show’s not over yet. Because all the wishes are finally fulfilled now after Disney just succeeded in striking up a deal with Sony, following several weeks of meetings. The news was confirmed by Comicbook.com

And Spider-Man is now back in the MCU; he’s not leaving, at least for another movie which will complete his trilogy in the franchise. It also means that Kevin Feige will be producing the third film, set to arrive in 2021, and Jon Watts will be helming the project.

Due to the kind of unexpectedly shocking ending that Spider-Man: Far From Home had, earlier this year, Marvel Studios and Sony agreed to make another flick together to finish the character’s arc.

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Following the confirmation of Tom Holland’s return to the MCU, all the fans are going mad across all the social media platforms, especially on Twitter.

The actor himself informed about it on his Instagram profile as well, a few hours ago, saying that he’s not leaving.

Talking about the entire turnaround of the situation, then at first, it seemed almost impossible for Marvel to bring Spidey back. Since the last few weeks, there were news reports and rumors about constant meetings between both Disney and Sony officials. But no hopeful result came out until Friday, September 27, 2019.
Speaking of the third film of the web swinger, then most of the cast members from the last two films, namely Homecoming and Far From Home are set to reprise their roles again for the 2021 installment.
Now, with Tom Holland’s return, phase 4 also looks even more exciting for all the die-hard MCU fanatics.

Source: Comicbook.com

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