Here Are All The Deleted Scenes Revealed From The Infinity Saga Box Set By Marvel Studios

The list mentions all those scenes which were edited out of the final cut of the MCU films starting from Phase 1 to 3

A still from 'The Infinity Saga' box set (Image Credit: looper.com)

We all love the Marvel Cinematic Universe and whenever there’s a reveal about an unseen clip or footage, it just works as an icing on the cake, right? Well, recently, Marvel Studios released the highly anticipated collection of all the movies, in MCU, under a single box set called The Infinity Saga. And with this box, also comes a ton of deleted scenes which no one knew about!

While there have already been many scenes which were recently trending on social media, thanks to the launch of Disney+, after fans shared them on their profiles, still, many unreleased scenes are yet to be witnessed by the die-hard followers of MCU.

But you don’t have to worry about at all, as we're listing out all the deleted scenes from every movie in the Infinity Saga, spanning from phase 1 to 3, that is, Iron Man to Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Here’s the list of all the unreleased scenes that you can watch if you are able to get the box set. But you can also enjoy them on YouTube as well when they get released online:

+ Iron Man 2 - Video recording of Tony’s dad.

+ Thor 2: The Dark World - Alternate ending to the film, in which Thor and Jane break up.

+ Avengers: Age of Ultron – Captain Marvel is introduced, even before her 2019 origin film.

+ Ant-Man – Dr. Hank Pym in Panama.

+ Captain America: Civil War – Alternate scene in which Zemo steals the red book from an auction by poisoning people.

+ Doctor Strange – Mention of Mordo.

+ Thor Ragnarok – Alternate scene in New York in which Hela arrives, and meets Loki, Thor, and also Odin, who’s become homeless.

+ Black Panther – Okoye talking to Agent Ross.

+ Test footage regarding the Black Order.

+ Avengers: Infinity War – Hulk coming out of the Hulkbuster.

+ Avengers: Infinity War – Doctor Strange tells Peter Parker to “save them”, that is, Guardians of the Galaxy.

+ Avengers: Infinity War – Smart Hulk talking to Natasha/Black Widow.

+ Ant-Man and the Wasp – Hank Pym and Janet looking for the Egghead guy which caused the explosion that created the Ghost.

+ Ant-Man and the Wasp – Janet saves Hank in the Quantum Realm.

+ Captain Marvel – Supreme Intelligence is shown just as it’s in the comics, with full accuracy.

+ Avengers: Endgame – At the end of the film, Thor tries to kiss Valkyrie but she rejects him.

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