Air Show Fire: One Swift Car untouched By Fire Among a pile of Burnt cars in the Parking Area

Fire breaks out at the Aero India Show 2019 in Yelahanka, Bangalore. More than 300 cars were gutted in a fire that engulfed the parking area Gate number 5 at 12:05 noon.

Reportedly dry grass in the Airbase area accidentally caught fire. Eventually, cylinder blasts of the park 4-wheelers added to the accident forcing the organisers to temporarily halt Air show proceedings.

 Around 20 fire engines were deported to the spot, where the fire broke out, It was an hour of anxiety for on goers as well and car owners who swarmed to check on them.

It is also suspected that few miscreants might be smoking in the area, which in turn must have been the reason for the fire to start in the first place. The parking area Gate number 5 is for Aero enthusiasts who spend up to rs. 2500 per person for entry. Many were devastated seeing their cars gutted in the fire. 

"The first phase of the air show has been completed and the show will go on, as usual, tomorrow," said DGP of Fire and Emergency Services MN Reddy.

For some time access to the place where the fire broke was prohibited, no casualties were reported.

Even the Chief Minister who spoke in connection with the incident has asked panic-stricken people to calm down.

"There is nothing to fear as I have spoken to the fire department and instructed them to bring things under control," he quoted.

Minister of Home Affairs M B Patil quoted this incident to be 'very unfortunate'.

A day ahead of Aero Show, anxious on goers witnessed 2 Surya Kiran collide and crash in the vicinity, which also killed Wing Commander Suhail Gandhi. 

 One Swift Car was left untouched by fire among a pile of burnt cars in the parking area, the owner of KA 04 7763, (Maruti Swift) Rahul rejoiced the moment, though disappointed about the plight of the unfortunate ones.

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