Google makes Imran Khan 'Bhikhari', Twitteratis Take A Dig At The Pak PM

Pakistan PM Imran Khan became a joke on Twitter when Google search showed Imran Khan's images on searching 'bhikhari'(Beggar). He has joined the not-so-good list of politicians who have been a victim of Google's search algorithm.

Twitter went berserk when they found out that Imran Khan has become the latest victim of Google's complex search algorithms and one would see the images of Pakistan PM on the searching keyword 'Shikhar'. While Imran Khan has been in a hard political situation where he has to tackle the recent Jammu and Kashmir situation, he was making rounds on Twitter for being a victim of the Google search algorithm. 

Pakistan is already left alone at the international community and seeking all the possible political support on Kashmir issue. Pakistan cut off all the political ties with India and suspended bilateral economic ties too. 

These suspended economic ties are already hurting Pakistan and its ever-increasing foreign loan does no good. As per a recent report by Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), the total exports from India to Pakistan in the financial year 2017-2018 was around just $2.4 billion. Pakistan's external debt reached $105.8 billion in Mar 2019, compared with 99.1 USD bn in the previous quarter. The bilateral trade accounts for a mere 0.31 percent of India’s total trade with the world and just about 3.2 percent of Pakistan’s global trade. 

But Pakistan depends on India for the imports of essential food items, such as onion, tomatoes, and chemicals. This would put a hole in common men's pocket. A week earlier, an onion seller from Pakistan Tweeted over soaring vegetable prices in Pakistan.

"Just 3-4 days are left for Eid and the market looks so dull. We depend on India for vegetables and onion, which is so essential for cooking food on Eid. I am sure, the price of onion will increase further. What does Imran Khan want us to eat? Grass?" he asked.

Imran Khan has joined the list of Google's algorithm victims which already included Rahul Gandhi, India PM Narendra Modi, and US President Donald Trump too. Last year, when people looked for the word 'idiot', Google displayed Donald Trump as results. Rahul Gandhi as 'Pappu', PM Narendra Modi as 'top 10 criminals' and Barak Obama as 'failure' are just other examples of Google bombs by its algorithm. 

Additionally, Google in February also displayed the Pakistan national flag as "best toilet paper in the world".

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