Google Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of WWW HyperText With A Low Speed Globe Icon Doodle

Google celebrated 30 years of World Wide Web on 12 March with an illustration of the initial years of Internet in doodle which also indicated the slow download speed.

If Internet is the world of unlimited information World Wide Web is the source of daily-day internet. The doodle took us back to the early days when the Britain Physicist,Sir Tim Berners-Lee  who worked in the Labs of CERN, Europe proposed a decentralised system of information management, in March 1989.he came up with a system of interconnected hypertext which takes users to the page of information with the help of few keywords. The  signalled the birth of the World Wide Web.

Robert Kylie, a computer scientist working in the company, joined Lee, and in 1990 he proposed using hypertext to communicate and access information as a network. He released the web in December of that year.

In fact, WWW is formed by HTML, URL, and HTTP. URL (Uniform resource detector), which is the address project to find a document. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) connects computers together HDML (Hypertext Markup Language) forms pages that contain hypertext links.

From this discovery, Berners-Lee's first web browser and web server came into existence, and web browsers were quickly recognized in the 1990s. Since then web-based technologies have grown catering to the needs of billions of people around the world.
People get information, share and communicate with the help of hypertexts and  has enabled people to share their work and ideas with social networking, sites, blogs, video sharing, and more.

The first web browser was released in 1991. The idea of ​​how incredible this invention could be today is itself a journey not anticipated by many. That is why the increased expansion of the Internet today is a special ocassion for Google aswell. 

"Internet is essential to run WWW, as it is an application made from HTML, URL and HTTP," wrote Google.

Who is Tim Berners Lee?
Tim Berners Lee, started his early education in England, He studied at Queens College and Oxford University and later obtained a Degree in Physics in 1976. He had a good hold on mathematics. After completion of his studies, he joined the European Nuclear Research Organization.

Internet access in India in 1995:
Internet services was started in India after 6 years of the birth of the Internet. India was exposed to it in  August 15, 1995. It is estimated that by the year 2021 over 82.9 million poplulation would have access to it.

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