Game of Thrones Star Sophie Turner Reveals This Fact About The Show Before Season 8 Premiere [Video]

Game of Thrones is one show that has stood as a benchmark among other TV shows since its inception in 2011. The kind of popularity and following it has garnered is unmatchable and almost incomparable in the history of fictional dramas on Television.

And now that the final and eighth season is just three days away from its premiere, fans can’t keep their nerves down, anyhow!

Before the finale starts to air from April 14, HBO recently released a series of videos in which the show’s cast members are seen sharing their experiences and how they felt about this epic conclusion of an unforgettable saga.

In one of the videos, however, the star actress from GOT, Sophie Turner (who plays Sansa Stark) revealed a crucial fact about the show.

In the video, she said that after the death of her on-screen father Ned Stark, she began to distrust the show. Because she learned that no character is safe, and no fan favorite is going to survive easily. When Sean Bean’s character was beheaded, and killed, in the very first season itself, entire viewers were shocked and weren’t able to believe that it could also happen.

The fact that not a single character—no matter whoever that is—is in the safe zone, made Sophie feel shocked and concerned as well, about her character’s fate too. And till the journey to its final season, the show has kept this reputation, of not letting the fans think of any character to be free from death or fatality.

In the video, Sophie also revealed a piece of advice that she would like to give to her character Sansa.

“If I could give Sansa advice in season one – absorb, learn, take nothing for granted, and know that there will be a positive outcome of every negative situation that you're in,” she said.

The last season of GOT will be having only six episodes and a short run, compared to previous seasons. And eventually, it also means that each one of the episodes will be filled with epic revelations and surprises that die-hard fans won’t be hoping for.

Get ready for the show to begin. Mark the date on HBO, that is, April 14, 2019.

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