G7 Summit 2019: PM Modi Feels He Has It Under Control, Trump Says On Kashmir Situation

PM Modi recently met with US President Donald Trump, at the ongoing G7 Summit in France. And as was expected, they both talked on the Kashmir issue, face to face, this time.

But the one thing that was made clear by the Indian prime minister in the meeting with Trump, was that Kashmir is a bilateral topic and there’s no need for mediation by a third party.

PM Modi talking to the US President Donald Trump. (Image Credit: Twitter)

Narendra Modi emphasized on the fact that India and Pakistan were one nation before 1947, and after that, all the issues between the two countries have been bilateral.

Saying it in other words, he rejected a need for mediation.

“We can discuss and solve these issues bilaterally,” he said while addressing the media, sitting alongside the US President Mr. Trump.

Trump said, at the summit, that he spoke to PM Modi last night, at full length, about the situation of Kashmir.

“Prime Minister really feels that he has the situation under control,” Trump said in a media interaction. In a way, he wanted to say that things are not normal regarding Kashmir.

He also said that he shares a good relationship with both Imran Khan (Pakistan PM) and PM Narendra Modi.

After the meeting with Indian prime minister, he tweeted about it on his social media profile.

The most important topics during the discussions between both Trump and PM Modi were the arrest of leaders in J&K and also the restrictions imposed in the valley, said the US officials.
Speaking of the whole context of this meeting at the G7 Summit, then it all started with US President Trump’s claims, when he previously alleged, in July, that the Indian prime minister had requested him for being a mediator in Kashmir issue between both the countries.
But India had clearly and strictly denied such claims.
However, a few days ago, he again repeated his words for the mediation, while also saying that it’s all up to PM Modi, whether to accept or decline the offer.

He found a good opportunity to speak on the issue, and about mediation, following the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

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