G20 Summit: US President Donald Trump Praises PM Modi for His Abilities

At the ongoing G20 Summit in Osaka, the meetings between the world leaders have already begun, discussing the matters on trade, security, and other important issues. And in of the meetings there, US president Donald Trump, on Friday, June 28, 2019, congratulated Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his party’s massive victory in this year’s Lok Sabha elections. PM Modi had received the majority with a record margin in the general elections and came back in power for a second term.

At the summit, the two leaders had a meeting on bilateral talks where the US president praised PM Modi’s abilities.

"You deserve it (victory). You have done a great job in pulling together. I remember when you first took over, there were many factions and they were fighting with each other and now they get along. It's a fantastic tribute to you and your abilities," Trump said. He is also getting ready for contesting the presidential elections, next year, in the United States.

PM Modi interacting with US President Donald Trump (Image Credit: th.thgim.com)

The interaction between president Trump and PM Modi is crucial when it comes to the matters of conflict that have emerged recently, due to different reasons, whether it is trade or security. Just a few days ago, India had imposed a higher trade tariff for the US. The slight conflict in the relations is also due to India’s talks with Russia for arms deals; America is annoyed by that too.

In the meeting with the US president, PM Modi said that India will work towards maintaining a good relationship with the US. When it comes to weapons, India has many high-tech, advanced military hardware from the US.

The ongoing summit will also focus on the relations between America and Iran; the tensions have only increased in recent months between both these nations.

Apart from this, climate change is also yet another crucial matter to be discussed and the world leaders will try to find a solution for that too.

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