G20 Summit Begins in Japan’s Osaka; Climate Change Will Be Top Priority, Among Various Important Issues

This year’s G20 Summit has begun in Japan’s Osaka, on Thursday, June 27, 2019, where the top world leaders have gathered to discuss the issues having the highest priorities. Amid most of these issues, perhaps the most important is climate change which has become an inevitable thing to ignore, for any country in the modern world.

Apart from this, the bilateral ties between India, the United States, China, and Russia will also be in focus, considering the current scenarios among all these nations on various matters.

In the backdrop, India and Us are also working on Contentious issues. 

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also arrived early in Osaka, on Thursday, for participating in the summit.

He was greeted by Japan PM, Shinzo Abe. Both the leaders shook hands and warmly hugged each other.

PM Modi, while meeting his Japan counterpart, said that he’s looking forward to Abe’s visit to India, later this year.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump tweeted this morning and wrote that, at the summit, he’s looking forward to speaking with the Indian PM on the issues of high tariffs. Recently, India again raised the tariffs in the trade with the US.

In response to this, the government sources told the Reuters agency that the newly imposed tariffs are not that much high as what the US president said.

Coming back to PM Modi, then, before heading for Japan, he had said that his main agenda at the summit will be to discuss on the challenges, being faced by all the countries in the world. These include women empowerment, digitalization, and artificial intelligence. And also the objective of achieving sustainable development, apart from the issues of national security and countering terrorism.

Japan PM Shinzo Abe also noted, in an op-ed, that the summit will be focusing on three key topics, which are: free and fair trade, digital economy, and handling environmental problems with innovation.

On the whole, the nations at the summit will try to keep in focus, the main eight important themes, that are trade and investment, global economy, innovation, environment and energy, employment, women empowerment, development, and health.

The world leaders will also try to find solutions to increasing international trade wars.

The G20 Summit will end on June 29th, starting from June 28th.

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